At each conference, we assemble a cell saver with qualified staff to monitor participants. Starting with the insurance transfer individuals or groups, then our reception desk will provide badges and documents for each of the delegates. Providing shuttles between the hotels and the convention center or event that is necessary, and offering technical support and useful application for our customers including: Software, Website, Lap top, … Ensuring the comfort of our Participants in the evenings scheduled transfers.
By providing the joint program of choice to fill their days. Offering opportunities for extension of stay post congress with a range of programs and excursions … Ensuring the safe return of the conference participants at each event and calculate the rate of customer satisfaction by worksheets that integrates our software to implement light the fruit of our work. It is of course able to manage your conference regardless of its size. It is our duty to put the ingredients for the success of your conventions and events.
To know the right choice of venues, good monitoring, creativity and a lot of application, these qualities are our so try us, you will be surprised with the result.
Incentives : Incentive, as a way of reward or encouragement, became a crucial instrument in the modern corporate culture to motivate employees, customer relationships or the presentation of a new product. As a party organized a day or integration or foundation, we offer creative offers and we develop together your own program organized.
Send us your wishes and proposals.
Event : During an evening with a traditional Moroccan dinner in a Berber tent with entertainment between courses, or a trip surrounded by nature, horse riding along the beach or through a valley of the Atlas … No limit is attached to ideas. We find the event suitable for you. Please contact us.
Seminar : We cannot just hold seminars for training employees or presenting a new product for you, but we arrange the necessary conditions for your conference in a perfect setting, making an appearance in a major step towards the horizon. Matching your conference with an important event, take new paths. We are happy to guide you.