Responsible Tourism


« Tourism is primarily a bridge between peoples and civilizations, an act of mixing human and cultural openness and assumed the other and modernity.A clean and responsible tourism, because that respects people, nature, environment and rules and laws governing the sector. His Majesty King Mohammed VI has made ​​tourism a national priority with a clear direction: responsible tourism. The plan « Vision 2010″ provides for specific measures and actions to achieve the objective of tourism playing a full role in the development of the country. Among the many initiatives include the Moroccan Charter of Responsible Tourism, here are some excerpts: Respect for values « The stakeholders in tourism development themselves must bring the necessary attention to the traditions and culture areas and populations.  » Respect for cultural riches « Tourism activity should be designed to allow monitoring and development of cultural products, crafts and traditional folk, and not to provoke their standardization and impoverishment.  » Respect for the environment « It is the duty of all stakeholders […]

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Experience & Honeymoon


For the valentine be possible all year with Time Travel Time Travel offer travels in the different categories of hotels in the different cities of Morocco, with services offered , for the newlyweds. Stay of 3 nights or more Welcome romantic room, wine or champagne bubble bath with rose petals, candles … Breakfasts in your […]

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Islam and Tolerance


Throughout the centuries, Morocco has managed to foster the coexistence of cultures. Mutual respect between religions practiced there gave birth to a peaceful society that shares the values ​​and traditions. The capacity of Moroccan Islam to adapt to the constantly changing society, to scientific, social and cultural development, ensures sustainability and respect.

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Essaouira: The 14th edition of Festival Gnawa and world music from 23 to 26 June 2011


The 14th edition of Festival Gnawa and World Music of Essaouira will be held from June 23 to 26 this year, announced Thursday, the organizers said in a statement.

The lineup this year promises even more originality and authenticity as well as new concerts fruit fusions of several genres, organizers said.

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8th Edition of the Festival Timitar 22-25/06/2011

affiche timitar 2011

summer the essential event of the city of Agadir the Festival Timitar will be held this year from June 22 to 25 for more time for sharing and exchange between musicians from around the globe, presenting their culture and history through their music.

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