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Here is what you expect during your holidays in Morocco

5 Apr

Morocco promises you a natural and cultural richness, of which you will be surprised. Here are, below, some of the aspects of this country and its people.

People are friendly and ultimate xenophiles

Moroccans are hospitable and smiling, by nature. They slip jokes in all their discussions and can laugh at everything. They call it “having the broad tunic“, an expression literally translated from the Arabic phrase they use, and which has the meaning of “relax” “stay cool, it’s just a joke.”

Expect to be invited to drink tea, almost everywhere you go. Moroccans love chatting, and there is no better opportunity to do that than around a good cup of mint tea, warmly poured from a teapot, according to the proper ritual rules.

When you wonder around the traditional souks, and people call you ” my friend “, this does not always mean that they are trying to sell you something. It is the expression they generally use, talking to each other, in Arabic or Berber.

And if you thought that you might have to learn some basic Arabic or Berber expressions, before you go, do not worry. Moroccans will surprise you with their willingness to speak different foreign languages. Yet, it would be nice, if you use few words, like “Salam alikom”, “Choukrane” or “Beslama”. You will see how they will appreciate it, and even try to teach you other expressions.

Morocco, bon vivant

In Morocco, everything can be celebrated: a newborn baby, the first baby’s hairdressing , a guest whom you receive for the first time, etc, and this can range from a cup of tea (to raise your glass to an event, in the Moroccan way), to a grandiose ceremony. The wedding party, in some regions, could last seven days and nights.

Entertainment and celebration are part of their lives. You will witness it yourself, in the public squares, hotels, guest houses, excursions, and nights you will spend away from the cities, in authentic villages.

As far as culinary is concerned, it is a real delight! The dishes are succulent and garnished with elegance. A Moroccan likes to be complimented on a dish he has prepared, since he does not only consider it as a job or a task that he is led to do, but rather more as a passion.

In this country, we, as Moroccans, like to step back, from time to time, to relax. That’s why, Hammam and massages are part of the weekly moments of relaxation, for many of us. So, it will not be surprising, if you find any of these places, next door, to where you are staying.

A diverse geography that will fascinate you

Desert, ocean, snowy summits.. as for the proposed activities, you will find what is to your taste. Amazing landscapes are waiting for you: dunes, mountains, rivers, oasis, beaches you can see or go hiking, using a 4X4, quad, or simply by foot. if you are a surfing amateur, specialized resorts are set up for the pleasure and comfort of visitors. Multiple offers are suggested, either for short or long stays.

By choosing Morocco, as your destination, make sure you have taken the offer that will guarantee you quality accommodation, comfortable means of transportation, and professional service. The rest will be offered by the whole country, with real pleasure.

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