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Timetravelmorocco.com has got a new skin

5 Apr

with a new fluid website, well organized and thought out, TimeTravelMorocco reinforces its presence, online, rendering the user experience more enjoyable. The new architecture allows visitors, to find what they are looking for, in an easy way, thanks to a clear and harmonial visual aspect. No difficulties, thus, will hinder anyone, from getting different information, about agency offers and its themes, such as the best golf resorts, the most beautiful landscapes for a better enjoyment of their trekking, best surfing spots, with ideal wave conditions, in addition to good plans, for an increased feeling of well-being.

the new website version remains faithful, still, to the same front and back development technologies, namely, the WordPress CMS. However, it was necessary to improve the information structure and tool composition, for a well organization of the agency contents and offers, and a further optimization of the way we, as users, explore the site.

In terms of design, the visual aspect has been privileged, by offering greater importance to pictures, and considerably increasing the size of the texts, which will allow the website visitors, to have clear pages and well-ventilated contents (texts and pictures).

Unlike the old version, the new website is in Responsive Web Design. It is a reactive conception, which can be adjusted, even with resolutions that are lower than the small screens of mobile phones or tablets.

We can not talk about the new website, without mentioning the internal restructuring, in terms of ressources. Thanks to this website, a new communication channel is provided, between Time TravelMorocco and its customers. As a result, ressources have been set up, to respond to the customers ‘s orders and requests, using the site, for the purpose of ensuring a request treatment, of the highest rate.

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