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Ecotourism – Satisfaction rating of 80% among ecotourists who had visited Morocco

5 Apr

Being perceived as a responsible travel to natural spaces, the demand for ecotourism is increasing, especially by a category of adventurers who want to try new experiences, alongside traditional tourist attractions. A survey by the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) showed that 72% of the people who had already done an ecological trip were satisfied, and ready to do it again, while 22% of those who have not yet experienced these kind of trips, have demonstrated a strong desire to take part of them, in the future.

Morocco, the  country of the setting sun, is one of the most favorite destinations for ecotourism. A study conducted by the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism found a satisfaction rating of 80% among ecotourists who had visited the country, in addition to the 85% of intentions to return and recommendation scores. This progress is due to the huge efforts, made by tourism operators, who have developed competitive offers, so as to answer the customers  rising demand, in terms of sea resorts, nature, sport or well-being.


72% of the people who had already done an ecological trip were satisfied, and ready to do it again

The country is blessed with many qualities, that visitors, who aim for cultural exoticism, value the most. A great historic heritage, left by our ancestors, shows the different phases of the Moroccan history: from the Phoenicians, the Roman era, to the Islamic period, going through the Berber civilization that was receptive to all these influences, the kingdom has become known as a multicultural and multilingual territory. The UNESCO has classified many of the Moroccan sites as universal heritage of humanity.

In addition to its cultural and historical diversity, Morocco is one of the very few Arab and African countries to possess a fascinating natural complexity, with about 2,500 km of coastline, the Rif and the Atlas mountains, plains, rivers and valleys, deserts and oases..

Promoting ecological tourism will, certainly, help to value this bio-cultural diversity, raise environmental awareness, and at the same time, provide tourists with some moments of authenticity, interacting with the local populations, which will provide a positive experience, for the visitor, as well as for the hosts, who will be offered a means of sustainable development.

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